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A copyedit prepares a document to be sent for review or publication. It takes place after a developmental and line edit (though neither are required).

A basic copyedit addresses the following:

  • Style (e.g., CMOS, MLA, or APA)
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Internal Consistency and Continuity

For academic manuscripts, I emphasize adherence to the style manual used in both the elements of style (hyphenation, punctuation, etc.) and citations. I have extensive experience with the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) and some experience with MLA and APA.

I can also offer suggestions for the light to heavy rewriting of phrases or sentences with awkward syntax, which may be especially helpful for multilingual writers.

I include very light fact-checking. A heavier fact check must be requested.

I can provide light formatting, but I do not prepare manuscripts for publication layout.

Each copyediting project includes a style sheet to help maintain consistency and continuity throughout the entire project according to the style book used and a transmittal letter describing the edits I’ve suggested. The edited manuscript will be returned with editing suggestions and comments visible via Track Changes in MS Word or Google Docs.

Estimated time:
≧1 week for 8,000 to 12,000 words
≧4 weeks for 75,000+ words

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