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“Dr. Guenther has been such a terrific copyeditor. I have been working with her on a couple of projects and I am always amazed by and thankful for her painstaking attention and close reading of the manuscripts, not to mention her kindness, patience, and passion in the subjects. She will find even minor errors from grammatical to structural incongruities. Her in-depth knowledge in humanities subjects is also something I highly appreciate. I strongly recommend Dr. Guenther for anyone who is preparing manuscripts or book projects in the arts and humanities, including non-native English speaking scholars and graduate students.”

                        –Assistant Professor in the Humanities

“Honestly, this has really been a wonderful and enriching experience for me. I was working through two projects, and there were times when the lights went out on my thoughts. Thanks to Amy, I was able to reignite them because of her critical reading of my drafts. She would read the work closely, ask questions, urge me to elaborate on certain sections, show me where to expand my analyses, and even point me in the direction of helpful materials that I missed. She has been a great help, and I appreciate her work. Working with her was quite helpful. Without Amy’s help, the projects would have taken me much longer to complete. I really appreciate her. Amy is an editor par excellence!”


“Dr. Amy provided much needed feedback, editing, and support throughout my dissertation writing process. She listened to my needs and adjusted services as I progressed. I highly recommend Dr. Amy for developmental and copyediting. She provides high quality, professional work in a timely manner. Additionally, Dr. Amy is an excellent scholar with expertise and a breadth of knowledge that allow her to move between disciplines, genres, and tones with ease.”

            –Chris G., Performance Studies Scholar and Curator

“With a non-judgmental approach, Amy gently steers writers into the right direction, both with copyediting and with developmental editing.

A little over a year ago, I was astonished to receive a surprise offer of working as a ghost writer for a local newsletter. In my 12th year of retirement, my grammar skills were rusty to say the least, and I was terrified! So, I quickly hired Amy to copyedit my work. After working with her for a year now, my skills (and my confidence) have increased dramatically.

I’ve also recently hired Amy for developmental editing on a book I’m co-authoring. The topic is highly controversial and riddled with inherent ethical dilemmas, so agents and peers have suggested that I work with a sensitivity coach. When I noticed Amy researching and reading books about these dilemmas, it felt natural to ask her to be my sensitivity coach as well. This was not a task that she sought, she was simply being thorough, but I cannot think of a better person to work with on this area as well. Her attention to detail and conscientious approach to everything she does are traits that writers would do well to emulate.”

            –Nicole St. Romain, Ghost Writer for Local Newsletter and Co-Author of My Story to Tell