Developmental Editing

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This feedback provides the author with a fresh perspective to evaluate the manuscript as a comprehensive whole. A developmental edit will give the writer insight into how what they think they have written correlates to what they have actually written.

It takes place after the writer has completed a strong first draft of their manuscript.

A developmental edit evaluates the following:

  • Structure & Organization
  • Argument (or subject matter if argument is elusive)
  • Evidence & Supporting Details
  • Audience (Balancing both an audience familiar and one unfamiliar with your subject)
  • Clarity
  • Overall Strengths and Weaknesses

I also coach writers on how to think through and implement the changes needed for the next draft.

The writer will receive extensive written feedback (length depends on length of original manuscript) and up to 60 minutes of verbal feedback in a virtual meeting per 8000 words.

Estimated time:
≧2 weeks for 8,000 to 12,000 words
≧4 weeks for 75,000+ words

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