Line Editing

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Line editing looks at the minutia of a document and generally takes place after a developmental edit (though a developmental edit is not required) and before a copyedit.

Line editing examines a manuscript paragraph-by-paragraph and line-by-line to ensure the following:

  • Smooth Transitions
  • Strong Topic Sentences
  • Clear Syntax
  • Clarity and Flow

It may include suggestions for reorganizing, rewriting, and tightening passages, as well as ideas to create a more strongly written manuscript.

Unlike copyediting, line editing focuses less on grammar and the adherence to a particular style manual and more on the readability of a manuscript.

The writer will receive the edited manuscript with suggestions and comments made via Track Changes in MS Word or Google Docs and a transmittal letter describing the edits I’ve suggested and up to 60 minutes of verbal feedback in a virtual meeting per 8000 words.

Estimated time:
≧2 weeks for 8,000 to 12,000 words
≧4 weeks for 75,000+ words

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